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Book no.1
WYRA NEW Cover 7-23-23.jpg


The dealer and the do-gooder...


An anonymous tip makes for an improbable pairing of strangers—but things aren't always what they seem...


Avery Mitchell is a naïve and tenderhearted do-gooder.

Between faith and a career helping ones who can’t help themselves, social worker Avery Mitchell’s life is fulfilling. But there’s one thing missing—and the last place she expects to find that one thing is the notorious fleabag motel on the outskirts of town. She knows how to help the pair of abandoned brothers she finds there, but she doesn’t have a clue what to make of their unlikely protector, a scary, towering lowlife—uh, man—with a revolting profession, not to mention a sharp tongue and a sarcastic streak a mile wide.


Who is "Mr. Tripp" really? 


Excepting one blissful period that seems more dream than actual memory, Tripp life has been spent on the dark side. Mostly, he’s okay with that, knowing what he does keeps others safe. He hardly notices something might be missing until a woman who rips families apart for a living—um, social worker—arrives and somehow manages to upend everything

he thinks he knows about himself and the life he wants. While he may not be a fan of her profession--mutual, I'm sure--Tripp never meant to put Avery in danger…


Avery knows better than to trust the local drug dealer and Tripp knows he’s not good enough for Ms. Mitchell, but if they work together, they just might be able to keep the boys safe—and they both might find their hearts’ desire in the most unlikely of places.

WIRA NEW Cover 7-23-23.jpg

A second-chance-to-get-it-right romance

A chance meeting with a stranger is not Annalise Walker’s finest moment.


A neglected faith and a series of bad choices have led new college graduate Annalise Walker down a road she never thought she’d go. Right when she thinks she’s hit rock bottom, the bottom falls out of her world. She doesn’t doubt God’s forgiveness, but an annoying older brother and hovering family are more than she’s willing to face just yet.

Could Marco Gonzalez be just the hero she needs?

Freewheeling undercover drug agent Marco Gonzalez is content with his life until a mistake on the job threatens his career—and maybe more than that. Meeting Annalise Walker is about to cost him his peace. Viewing the world through her eyes amounts to

having a giant mirror shoved in his face, and he doesn’t like what he sees. On top of that, their association may cost him his best friend.


When circumstances conspire and worlds collide, Annalise struggles to return to her foundation, while Marco finds his dissolving under his feet. When truths are revealed, will they be torn apart, or will they find healing and a future—together?

Truly Together NEW Cover 7-14-23.jpg


Opposites attract…


Marisol Gonzalez knows how to go for what she wants…it’s just that her plans never…go as planned.


With her most recent romance exploding as spectacularly as a fireworks show in July, lively Marisol Gonzalez runs to the brother who has always understood her. When she gets there, she doesn’t find what she’s expecting. Things have changed with her brother—but he does have some interesting new people in his life. One of his new friends challenges what she thought she knew about herself. Cade is nothing she ever wanted, but she finds out he’s everything she ever needed. But can she possibly measure up to his goodness?


Cade Lundell is sick and tired of being alone.


When super-serious Cade, a professional number-cruncher,

learns the woman he was sure was the one belongs to another, he figures he’s a bachelor for life. He doesn’t exactly shine in social situations and women don’t exactly flock to him—at least not the women he’d like to meet. Worse, he tends to mess up the opportunities that do come his way. And then…Marisol Gonzalez, beautiful and fun, barrels into his life, upending his ordered—and dull—world. She means well, but much like himself, she has her own special way of complicating simple things.


How can two opposites, whose only common ground is their knack for messing up relationships, find common ground to build a future truly together?

TF NEW Cover 7-23-23 for KC.jpg


Be careful what you ask for…


Life hasn’t been easy for Hollie Carpenter for a long time. Seventeen years, to be exact. The blow it dealt was a sucker punch that changed the future she thought was hers. Now, fate is at it again, dishing out more than she can handle, putting her in the embarrassing position of seeking help from a total stranger. Well, a stranger she’s served eggs over easy on many mornings at the greasy diner where she waitresses in order to make ends meet. The badge he wears suggests he's just the person to consult for much-needed advice, but, fooled by his polite and placid demeanor, Hollie gets more than expected when she finally musters the nerve to reach out.

As career law enforcement, John Chavez has risen the ranks and is used to being in charge. He dishes out orders and people obey. In his day, he’s pretty much seen it all, and very little catches him off guard. He never expects the best, and he’s got no use for folks who don’t own up to their mistakes, who make excuses for bad behavior—theirs

or someone else’s. So, when the pretty waitress at the diner he frequents comes to him for help with her wayward teen, he’s not likely to be reeled in by a hard-luck story and assertions of innocence—even if they come served up with gorgeous eyes, a great figure,and a beguiling mien of innocence. Agent John Chavez isn’t a sucker, and he’s a straight shooter to boot.


But sometimes, even the toughest nut can be cracked. Sure, the pretty waitress has a problem on her hands—but it’s possible she’s not the only one who needs help. And, just maybe, two very different strangers can be a lifeline for each other.

Really Truly Yours Cover (16).jpg

Really Truly Yours

Don’t shoot the messenger…

Professional baseball pitcher Grayson Smith’s early life was not charmed. Two decades later life is good, in spite of having to deal with a career-threatening injury. Until…an anonymous caller won’t leave him be. In a fit of temper, he answers, prepared to give the loser a piece of his mind. Instead, he winds up—pun intended—agreeing to meet with the strange woman, knowing in his gut that his world is about to be rocked. Boy, when he’s right, he’s right.

Sydnee Carson’s life is fine, thank you very much. Who needs money and things? She’s happy in her little house in the same quiet town where she was born. If love were to come her way…maybe. But she’s dealt with enough users and troublemakers in her life to know that being with nobody is better than being stuck with the wrong somebody. And so what if her only real friend is a sick neighbor, an old man who just wants to set some things right before it's too late? If she can help, she will, but her small-town self is hardly equipped to deal with the man’s high-profile biological son. Frustratingly, well, maybe she isn’t as content as she believed…but stepping out always involves risk.

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