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  • Kara Eriksson

No End in Sight...

Summer is the most un-fun time of year. You disagree? Isn't summer the time for vacation and relaxation? For my family....not so much. Around here, summer--every summer--is anything but restful. My husband's line of work doesn't just keep him busy during the summer months, it sends him running hither and yon about the Lone Star State like a chicken with its head cut off. His work isn't merely busy this time of year. It's hectic, chaotic, and nerve-racking.

So what is a wife to do? Well, in this case, since there's little she can do to help on the work front, she keeps his clothes clean and ready to go (at 4 a.m.). She has food waiting for the nights he's able to make it home in time to eat. She prays for safety while he's on the road and that he won't miss an important deadline amidst all the chaos.

And she writes. She pulls the blinds, hunkers down, and pretends the grass outside is green, instead of crispy brown. She pretends the thermometer on her porch reads 75, not 105. She writes and she edits and she tackles the world of self-publishing, and she makes the most of the solitude of the summer months.

And she counts the days until Fall!!!


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